even the street violinist playing bach kicked a dog

by tremoravia

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this is a short snippet of something in my head.

recorded in the summer of 2016, i compiled some floating ideas in my kitchen, bedroom, etc.


released September 18, 2016

all music recorded and written by brendan evans.

mastered by johnny davidson at the library collaborative




tremoravia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: even the street
down where i used to be
you can find me there
these cigarettes are killing me
whiskey in the air

my face is aging faster now
i've loosened my tight fist
i'll worry about you while your gone
i hope you find your happiness
Track Name: violinist playing bach
i thought that i had everything
looking back it wasn't that much at all
i've picked myself up time and time again
i'm just a little bit stronger now

i have nothing left
except for these cigarettes
and i can't leave my house tonight

i know that i have everything i need
stop motion isn't that bad at all
my bed is always here for me
i'm a hell of a lot stronger now till the end

i have nothing left
except for these cigarettes
and i can't leave my house tonight
Track Name: kicked

keep my head

walk home
rush home
i swear i'm home

the last few weeks i've spent time to myself
rearranging my mind
knocked it off the shelf
you made me smile and yearn for the ground
working on holding onto the good all around

this place is my bane; insulates some pain
give me one more week and i won't feel the same
i don't mind lighting up this fire
it makes these notes dance around in my head

i'm not better off, maybe comatose
been that way, anyways
not so verbose

time has almost come
exile's almost done
waiting for the ashes to clear off my tongue

pour one
light one
feels the same

remember me
i don't remember me
i think i'm someone new

no pain
no shame
feels the same
Track Name: a dog
this plane is going down
and I'm just trying to stay on board
the in flight movie sucks
now i'm down on my luck

and i can't get cocktails
oh shit
crash faster
dive hard